What can you do with it?

Studies in the Department create fertile ground for future theatre-related activity: employment in the research and criticism of theatre, archival work, teaching, therapy, production, and management of artistic events. The Department’s alumni have achieved prominent positions in major intersections of Israeli theatrical activity. Among them, to name a few: Motti Lerner, the internationally renowned Israeli playwright; Jacky Levi, television personality, author and stand-up artist; Nir Landa, puppet and street theatre artist; Tair Avshalom, production manager and director of renewal at the Gerard Behar Center; Hanin Tarabay, activist and Palestinian theatre actress; Mendy Cahan, head of the Jung Yiddish Center and cabaret artist; Dr. Shelly Zer-Zion, theatre researcher and tenured lecturer at Haifa University’s Theatre Department; Dr. Hava Aldouby, researcher in new-media art and senior faculty member at the Open University.