We offer an Undergraduate Degree and Graduate studies (MA/PhD). Please go over the information available on our website and contact us for any questions.

Undergraduate Degree


The department program is comprised of required courses, seminars, electives, and practical workshops.

Required courses provide a broad foundation in the history of Israeli and international theatre, in the analysis of plays and theatre performance, and in the theories of drama, direction, and acting.

Seminars are courses that provide in-depth knowledge in selected issues in the art of theatre and offer an experience of critical thinking and academic writing.

Elective courses change from year to year. They include regular lecture classes, classes with exercise lessons, and classes with practical laboratory elements. Classes with a laboratory element allow the students to carry out a practical project as part of their grade.

Workshops and laboratory

Practical workshops offer an initial acquaintance with theatrical work and stage language through courses such as “Basics of Acting”, “Stage Movement”, “Voice Performance”, “Stage Design”, and others. In addition, the department offers advanced theatre workshops in which students work on a cooperative project or personal productions that are staged in front of the university audience at the end of the school year.

Practical workshops and laboratory lessons are an important part of the department studies. These classes are conducted in the special artistic spaces of the “Parking Lot Theatre” (the department’s theatre auditorium) and the Mirror Room.

Study tracks

The department’s undergraduate study program comprises 60 credits and can be undertaken in two tracks:

1 – A single-major track: a major in theatre studies and additional complementary courses from other departments in the Humanities.

2 – A dual-major track that combines studies in another department from the combinations table. The especially recommended departments are psychology, literature, art, communication, education, Jewish philosophy, sociology, business administration.

Some of the theoretical lessons are conducted in the Media section of the library. Students also have access to the Israel Goor Theatre Archives and Museum.

Please see possible combinations here.

Sectional studies

Students in the department are offered a system of sectional studies in two areas, intended for expanding theoretical knowledge alongside practical experience:

1. Theater Therapy

2. Jewish Theatre

The study program in both sections is based on three components: major courses in the field, frameworks that enable practical individual projects, and two courses from other departments in the field of study. The study program for the Theatre Therapy section deals with the relationship between theatre and psychological therapy and social work. The program for Jewish Theatre refers to the relationship between theatre and Judaism and Jewish philosophy.

Please review the list of courses here.


Graduate Studies


Graduate studies (MA/PhD) delve deeper into a subject of choice, among those studied during the undergraduate degree. In these two degrees, the Theatre Studies offers an individual trajectory constructed by the student and advisor from among courses offered at the University, according to the field in which the student has chosen to major.

MA students are required to submit a seminar research paper during their studies, and at their conclusion students must submit a final thesis that researches a chosen subject. The list of research subjects is broad and varied and includes analysis of compositions by playwrights and stage artists; the inter-relations between theatre and other arts; theatre in different countries and periods; the relationship between theatre and society; and others.

For additional information please contact the department advisor, Dr. Olga Levitan or here.