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Department Secretary: Orlit Keysar

Office hours: Sunday: 11:30-14:30, Monday-Thursday: 10:00-13:00

Room: 4607

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Ms Alina Meltzer

Office hours: Tuesdays, by appointment

Alina is a PhD student in the department of Theatre Studies and the Honors Program for PhD students in the Faculty of Humanities at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received her B.A and M.A. degrees from the department of Theatre Studies, both with honors. Since 2009, Ms. Meltzer has taught various courses, such as: Play and Performance Analysis of Middle-Ages and Renaissance Drama (2009-2015), Shakespeare's Selected Plays (as guest-lecturer at the English Department, 2014) and Play and Performance Analysis of Greek and Roman Drama (2013). Ms. Meltzer teaches History of Theatre at the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Jerusalem (2009-today).

Ms. Meltzer's doctoral research investigates meta-dramatic structures in Shakespeare's plays as representations of pre-modern cosmology. The play-within-a-play and role-playing-within-the-role are common Shakespearean devices which infuse the plays with complex and reflexive images, achieved by the layering of multiple inner fictional worlds. Meltzer's research suggests a correspondence between Shakespeare's meta-dramatic structures and the pre-modern concept of the Ptolemaic universe. Operating on an indirect or even subliminal level, violations of meta-dramatic structures are often subversive vis-à-vis cosmic, social, cultural, inter-personal and psychological issues – beyond what is revealed by the narrative of the plays. Contemporary theatrical and cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare's works tend to change the original meta-dramatic structures to accommodate changed world-views. In its discussion of chosen productions (stage and screen), Ms. Meltzer's research will seek to uncover some of the strategies through which Shakespearean meta-drama is re-formed, and the plays thus reinterpreted. Dissertation instructors: Dr. Jeanette Malkin and Prof. Tzachi Zamir.

Ms. Meltzer's academic activities include presentations of her research at conferences, such as: The Annual Conference of the PhD Honors Program, 2015; The Annual Conference of the Israeli Association of Theatre Studies, 2015; participation in organization committees of academic conferences, such as: The Annual Conference of the PhD Honors Program,  2015; King of Infinite Space: Shakespeare without Borders, 2012, and others. Ms. Meltzer is the organizer and academic consultant of the B.A program for Nissan Nativ Acting Studio graduates at the department of Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University.

What teaching at the department of Theatre Studies means to me: Teaching and studying at the Theatre Studies department is a journey that allows us to explore a wide range of human experiences (Political, Sociological, Psychological, Cultural, Historical and Aesthetic) through their expressions in that medium, the theatre, which is a fascinating combination of all arts.