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Department Secretary: Orlit Keysar

Office hours: Sunday: 11:30-14:30, Monday-Thursday: 10:00-13:00

Room: 4607

Email: orlitk@savion.huji.ac.il

Tel.: 00-972-2-5883936


Academic Advisor:

Dr. Olga Levitan



Chair of the Department of Theater Studies

Dr. Diego Rotman





Dr. Michael Morris-Reich

Office hours: by appointment

Playwright, dramaturge, teacher and instructor of playwriting, researcher and lecturer. Received his PhD in Hebrew Literature from Haifa University. BA with distinction from Tel-Aviv University, Theatre Arts department, in the playwriting and directing course. Received his MA from the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. His PhD thesis [Summa Cum Laude] deals with the development of playwriting for subscribers and organized buyers in the Israeli established theatres. His MA analyzed dramatic techniques in the openings of Macbeth and Julius Caesar. His plays have been produced in various theaters in Israel, including Haifa Municipal Theatre, Tmuna, Zavta, Beit Lessing and the Acre Festival. Among his notable plays are When the omelet touches the salad, which won the playwrights award at the Acre Festival, Domestic tourism and Butterfly in fist. He has written many plays for theatre youth groups, for which he won awards of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. His dramaturgy work was staged in Acre Festival, Karov theatre and Zavta. He teaches playwriting and writing for the stage inspired by Jewish sources at the Theatre Studies department of the Hebrew University. He has also taught Playwriting at Sapir College, Emuna College and at the Yuval Hamon playwriting school. He has collaborated artistically with key Israeli performers, including Israel Polly Poliakov [Gashsh Hiver], Amnon Meskin, Hanna Rot, Edna Fliedel, Shmuel Hasfari and Roni Ninio. He lectures on the history of theatre and the history of Israeli theatre in Emuna College and the Academy of Performing Arts. He was a committee member of Sal Tarbut during the years 2013-2015.